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I'm MarkLentczner, and I live in Moutain View.

Many years ago my friend BruceSchwartz and I started a company called Glyphic Technology. We created a language called GlyphicScript and a development environment called Codeworks. Later, after the language biz didn't turn out so hot, Bruce moved on. But then, many other cool people joined me and we had a fun consulting business for many years. Now, I'm ready to take another stab at the language thing, hence Wheat.

You can reach me at markl (AT) glyphic (DOT) com as well as at mark (AT) wheatfarm (DOT) org.


I maintain a WikiToDo list of things to add/fix in this Wiki, (or in Wakka in general).

There is also a list of SillyWheatMottos...
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