Development Environment
Collaborative Web Site

(think Wiki)

Wheat's development environment is a collaborative web site. It is essentially a Wiki for writing code.

This is a different experience than using a central source code repository to check code in and out. It is more like pair programming, only multiplied.

It is also a fundamentally "literate" way to program: It is natural to create, document and augment what is developed since all the rich tools of the web are there. The code is always hyper-linked to itself and its documentation.

Historically, development environments that have the same style as the applications they are meant to create lead to rich tools and quick to create applications. Lisp, Smalltalk, Hypercard, VisualBasic are all examples. Perhaps this is because the developer lives and breathes what the user will experience. Perhaps it is because as developers build tools to make their lives easier, they automatically enrich their user's experience.